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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Lexington, KY

Status: Active



Back From Nowhere by Polarboy

Back From Nowhere

Release Year: 1998
Label: Rustproof Records



Band Members: Pol Buckingham, Joe Nawrocki, Rob Wilson, Matt Loftis

Just four short years ago three of the band members where at Lexington Bible college in Kentucky studying to become youth pastors, Pol Buckingham (vocals/ guitars), Joe Nawrocki (lead guitars), and Rob Wilson (bass) started a little praise band for the college, and played various college functions. Polarboy was born and it wasnt long until the guys were writing their own music and playing their own songs. After meeting drummer Matt Loftis, and playing some independent venues, as well as completing a demo, Polarboy had become something more than a praise and worship band. Although from different cities and with different personalities, the guys knew that they were brought together for a divine purpose: To play music that reflects life for Christians as well as non-Christians, music that aim

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Back From Nowhere

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In My Shoes

Back From Nowhere

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