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Atomic Opera
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Atomic Opera

Genre: Heavy Metal

Location: Houston, TX

Status: Hiatus

Booking Contact: Frank Hart  


  Atomic Opera

Gospel Cola by Atomic Opera

Gospel Cola

Release Year: 2000
Label: Metal Blade Records

Alpha & Oranges by Atomic Opera

Alpha & Oranges

Label: Independent


  Atomic Opera

Band Members: Frank Hart, Kemper Crabb, Ryan Birsinger, Johnny Simmons, Trip Wamsley

Atomic Opera is made up of four Christian men who have as their chief end to worship God and enjoy Him forever. We strongly believe in Biblical, orthodox Christianity as professed by the Apostle and Nicene Creed. We attempt to live our lives and make our music by these same standards. Atomic Opera is also made up of four artists. Musicians who have the internal drive to create music that reflects the glory, the wonder, and the mystery of the world that God has created and placed them within. The music explores the emotional and intellectual longings that occur as a result of being human. A being who is made after the image of God.

Atomic Opera Chord Charts

Chord Charts
  Atomic Opera

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