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Rose Blossom Punch
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Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Seattle, WA

Status: Disbanded


  Rose Blossom Punch

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  Rose Blossom Punch

Band Members: Aaron Sprinkle, Terry Coggins, Nick Barber, Paul Mumaw

Rose Blossom Punch is a post-grunge/alternative rock band featuring Aaron Sprinkle from Seattle, Washington. They ran from 1995, to 1999. Rose Blossom Punch was started in 1995 as a side project by Aaron Sprinkle and Paul Mumaw. Aaron Sprinkle and Nick Barber (bass) had previously played together in Poor Old Lu. Once that group disbanded, Sprinkle and Mumaw decided to join forces with Coggins and Barber and tackle Rose Blossom Punch full time. Their self-released independent recordings were regional hits and earned the band some national attention. Before Poor Old Lu disbanded though, they released two songs: “Sowing In the Sun” (1995) and “See It In Me” (1996) on Tooth and Nail Records's Art Core (volumes 1 & 2 respectively) compilation CDs. They then signed to Five Minute Walk/SaraBellum

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  Rose Blossom Punch

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