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Ancient Of Days
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Ancient Of Days

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Booking Contact: Ancient Of Days  


  Ancient Of Days

Ancient Of Days by Ancient Of Days

Ancient Of Days

Release Year: 2000
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  Ancient Of Days

Band Members: Josh Hostetler, Dave Owen, Bill Wensel, Don Yoder

There are many things that we encounter that we are only able to catch a glimpse of. Each day our lives are filled with interactions that form who we are, and who we will become. It is only when we understand that our existence with each other was not intended to be a shallow and separated relationship. It is this idea that drives Ancient of Days to reach people through their music When our failures become lessons. When our emptiness searches for faith. When passions form melodies. Ancient of Days is a band dedicated to using their God given talents of music to further the Kingdom of God. Through our words and actions we hope to radiate the Love of Christ to others...May we never be silent in proclaiming our Saviors name.

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  Ancient Of Days

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