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Amy Morriss
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Amy Morriss

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Disbanded


  Amy Morriss

I'm A Believer by Amy Morriss

I'm A Believer

Release Year: 1995


  Amy Morriss

Band Members: Amy Morriss

One of the most vibrant and inspiring times in the life of a believer occur when the winds of change appear, divinely sweeping over the landscape of time. People grow, relationships mature, ideas expand, hearts turn corners, seeds of musical curiosities ripen into new tastes, and then one day it becomes delightfully obvious that all of those individual experiences have been part of an unfolding process that ultimately brings one closer to the heart of God. Thus have been the past couple of years for Amy Morriss.

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  Amy Morriss

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