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All Wound Up
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All Wound Up

Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Federal Way, WA

Status: Disbanded


  All Wound Up

Hero by All Wound Up


Release Year: 2001
Label: Tooth And Nail Records
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  All Wound Up

Band Members: Troy Brock, Sean Flanigan, Jeremy Kirby, Joe Meyer

The majority of All Wound Up has spent the last four years together. Theyve toured relentlessly, playing about 150 shows per year, including opening stints with MXPX, Formula One, and Shorthanded. Their influences include a bunch of heavy rocking retro bands like Poison, AC/DC, Bad Religion, and Metallica. However, when it comes to All Wound Ups sound, theres no need to look much further than the artists on their record label Tooth and Nail. The result is a carbon copy collage of label mates MXPX, Dogwood, and Slick Shoes, while they also borrow a bit of aggression from their 80s rock heroes mentioned above. Most notably, All Wound Up attempts to pay homage to The Police, and although their intentions are good, they lack the force and charisma that the Sting-fronted band resonated. Not onl

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  All Wound Up

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