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April Sixth
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April Sixth

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Riverside, CA

Status: Hiatus


  April Sixth

Mariposa Ave. by April Sixth

Mariposa Ave.

Release Year: 2003


  April Sixth

Band Members: Christopher McCracken, Robert Gieser, Brian Marquez, Scott Sorsenson, Matt Conley

April Sixth got its start on the local music scene in Riverside, California. McCracken was playing a solo, acoustic show in 2001 when he had a chance meeting with Marquez and Geiser. They were walking past the coffee shop after an argument with a friend, and decided to stop in, McCracken recalls. When I finished my set, they came up to me and asked me to join a band they were forming. When I said yes, they asked me if I could give them a ride home too. The trio spent several months writing songs and rehearsing in a barn at Roberts house. After recruiting a bassist and drummer, the band tested their new songs at a few gigs at local high schools before booking their first club gig. At one show, the band caught the attention of Dan Estrin, guitarist of Hoobastank. Dan passed their demo to Ben

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  April Sixth

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