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Big Face Grace
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Big Face Grace

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Booking Contact: Big Face Grace  


  Big Face Grace

Smile by Big Face Grace


Release Year: 2000
Label: True Tunes Records


  Big Face Grace

Band Members: Michael, Tim, Roy, Sam

Michael, Tim, Roy and Sam all went to grad school together at a small University in southwest Michigan. They worked together on many different projects, but music was a priority to all of them. Michael, had been asked to organize the music for a community event targeted toward teenagers. Michael played guitar, Tim sang and Roy played the drums. The crowd went wild. The chemistry was incredible and the musical relationship continued. There were folk influences in the music, but the cohesiveness of the group soon yielded an eclectic yet distinct style. The newly formed band added Sam as bass player and Jason, an undergrad at the University, as another guitarist. They quickly began booking gigs, however, had yet to decide on a name. The first name settled on was "the electric fishermen," whic

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  Big Face Grace

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