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Aaron Sprinkle
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Aaron Sprinkle

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Seattle, WA

Status: Hiatus

Booking Contact: Aaron Sprinkle  


  Aaron Sprinkle

Lackluster by Aaron Sprinkle


Release Year: 2004
Label: Tooth And Nail Records

The Boy Who Stopped The World by Aaron Sprinkle

The Boy Who Stopped The World

Release Year: 2003
Label: Independent

Bareface by Aaron Sprinkle


Release Year: 2001
Label: Silent Planet Records

The Kindest Days by Aaron Sprinkle

The Kindest Days

Release Year: 2000
Label: Organic Records


  Aaron Sprinkle

Band Members: Aaron Sprinkle

For Aaron Sprinkle, whose creative reach can be likened to an ever-expanding universe, even the seemingly infinite sky is no real limitation. So the decision to give his new project the ambitious moniker of Moontraveler should come as no real surprise to anyone. Though still a young man, Sprinkle has been recording music for almost a decade. From the pioneering band Poor Old Lu to the more recent Rose Blossom Punch, and now with his solo debut, his creative energy has simply been unstoppable. While artistic identities may change, the same high quality work always remains the same. In addition to being an established recording artist, Sprinkle is also a successful producer, having manned the board for artists Sherri Youngward, MxPx, Grammatrain, and Squad Five-O just to name a few. In fact,

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  Aaron Sprinkle

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A Friend I Had


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