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Cindy Diane
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Cindy Diane

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Booking Contact: CityFarm Music, LLC   805.491.6072


  Cindy Diane

Face To Face by Cindy Diane

Face To Face

Release Year: 2003


  Cindy Diane

Band Members: Cindy Diane

Cindy Diane can distinctly remember the moment that ministry through music first came alive to her. "I was ministering with a team from my church in a huge prison," she recalls. "There I was, a midwestern girl, singing before a rowdy crowd of convicted criminals. I will never forget this tough-looking prisoner who was heckling me as I sang. He began listening to the music, and I watched in amazement as the countenance of this man was completely transformed. The next thing I knew, his head was in his hands and he broke down and accepted Jesus. I realized this is what I wanted to do - to see music draw people to Christ." With such a deep desire to minister in this way, the process of recording her national debut, Face To Face, has been a dream come true for Cindy Diane. Produced by Tom Brook

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  Cindy Diane

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