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Dallas Holm
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Dallas Holm

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Lindale, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Dallas Holm   903.882.6176


  Dallas Holm

Holm For Christmas by Dallas Holm

Holm For Christmas

Release Year: 1999

Signature Songs: Dallas Holm by Dallas Holm

Signature Songs: Dallas Holm

Release Year: 1999
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Face Of Mercy by Dallas Holm

Face Of Mercy

Release Year: 1995

Dallas Holm: The Early Works by Dallas Holm

Dallas Holm: The Early Works

Release Year: 1991
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  Dallas Holm

Band Members: Dallas Holm

Pioneer, forerunner, legend Dallas Holm is an icon of Christian music. Though he never feels comfortable with such descriptions, Dallas agrees, "Through Gods grace, Ive been part of the Christian music ministry for a long time." Dallas has earned his influence in todays Christian music throughout more than 30 years of writing, singing and ministry in some 3,000 concerts in every state in the USA as well as many countries abroad. His 37 recordings have garnered gold records, multiple Dove awards, Grammy nominations, number one songs, and countless accolades. During his travels, Dallas also speaks and teaches what God has taught him in his journey. Holms creativity and diversity offer everything from inspirational to blues, from country to reggae. Whatever the style, it all points to Christ

Dallas Holm Chord Charts

Chord Charts
  Dallas Holm

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Rise Again

Dallas Holm: The Early Works

Rise Again Song Lyrics

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