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David Bush
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David Bush

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Des Moines, IA

Status: Active

Booking Contact: David Bush   515.974.7228


  David Bush

Change The World by David Bush

Change The World

Release Year: 2005
Label: Independent
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In Transit by David Bush

In Transit

Release Year: 2003
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  David Bush

Band Members: David Bush

Typically, a man with a wife and four boys to take care of, who lands an executive job for a prestigious ice cream company, figures he’s got it made. Normally, that man would not suddenly chuck it all to pursue a precarious career in music. But David Bush is anything but typical. “This has not been a short journey,” says David. “I feel a little like Moses in that God had to postpone many of my heart’s desires and ambitions in order to teach me things that I could later give away to others. I had to learn that the staff in my hand – my success, my family, my talents and dreams – they all really belong to God, not me. And He would utilize them on His schedule, not mine.” With his third CD entitled CHANGE THE WORLD-- produced by John Andrew Schreiner (Fernando Ortega, Crystal Lewis, Carman)--

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  David Bush

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