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Demon Hunter
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Demon Hunter

Genre: Heavy Metal

Location: Seattle, WA

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Jeremy Holgersen  


  Demon Hunter

The Triptych by Demon Hunter

The Triptych

Release Year: 2005

Summer Of Darkness by Demon Hunter

Summer Of Darkness

Release Year: 2004

Demon Hunter by Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

Release Year: 2002
Label: Solid State Records
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  Demon Hunter

Band Members: Ryan Clark, Ethan Luck, Don Clark, Timothy , Jon Dunn

Demon Hunter is a metalcore band from Seattle, Washington, started by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark. Demon Hunter's members are Christian and express their faith in many of their songs. Demon Hunter has many musical influences, including Disciple, Underoath and more .

Demon Hunter Chord Charts

Chord Charts
  Demon Hunter

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