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Jody McBrayer
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Jody McBrayer

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Jeff Roberts & Associates   615.859.7040


  Jody McBrayer

This Is Who I Am by Jody McBrayer

This Is Who I Am

Release Year: 2002
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  Jody McBrayer

Band Members: Jody McBrayer

As part of the top-selling vocal group Avalon, Jody appreciates the combined might expressed when four vocal dynamos unite together with a shared principle and purpose. It’s only recently, however, that Jody’s known the soul-searching that comes in a charge thats given to him alone. A landmark personal event produced the pathway that inspired Jodys first-ever solo effort, This Is Who I Am, the musical reflection of an artist whom fans will forever see in a brand new light. For six years, Jodys vibrant vocals and on-stage charisma helped Avalon sell nearly two million albums, land seventeen ..1 singles, earn two gold records, take home five Dove Awards and even score a Grammy Award nomination. With the groups bond as solid as ever, Jodys devotion to Avalon continues to swell with hopes of e

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  Jody McBrayer

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