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Jonathan Pierce
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Jonathan Pierce

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Odessa, TX

Status: Hiatus


  Jonathan Pierce

For You by Jonathan Pierce

For You

Release Year: 2003
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Mission by Jonathan Pierce


Release Year: 1997
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One Love by Jonathan Pierce

One Love

Release Year: 1995
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  Jonathan Pierce

Band Members: Jonathan Pierce

Indeed, Pierce's own creative evolution has its roots in just such a process. First arriving on the scene in 1995, Jonathan Pierce released three albums in five years, earning a reputation as a power singer along the way. His albums yielded a string of radio hits ("One Love," "Healing Hands," "I Believe In Christ") and multiple Dove Award nominations, including Male Vocalist of the Year from 1997-1999. His authoritative vocals and boyish good looks opened other doors, as well: Pierce nabbed the starring role in the touring production of Broadway's "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and was a featured performer at numerous Peter Lowe Success Seminars, where he shared the stage with the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Christopher Reeve, and George and Barbara Bush.

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  Jonathan Pierce

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