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Kristy Starling
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Kristy Starling

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Greg Oliver Agency   615.790.5540


  Kristy Starling

Kristy Starling by Kristy Starling

Kristy Starling

Release Year: 2003
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  Kristy Starling

Band Members: Kristy Starling

One place Kristy hadnt expected to find herself singing -- at least, not at this stage of her life -- was before an audience of millions on the countrys number one morning news show. But in one of those fairy-tale-come-true stories we sometimes hear, Kristys life has been transformed literally over night: one day shes a music student in college, the next shes in New York City performing live before millions on NBCs Today show. Fast forward one month and Kristy is in Malibu, California, recording with Grammy-winning producer David Foster and beginning work on her debut album. Kristy has made the transition from student life to up-and-coming recording artist with surprising ease. Indeed with her powerful, richly textured voice, bubbly personality and an assured stage presence, she seems a na

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  Kristy Starling

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Kristy Starling

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