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Lucerin Blue
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Lucerin Blue

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Status: Unknown

Booking Contact: Jeff Roberts & Associates   615.859.7040


  Lucerin Blue

Tales From The Knife by Lucerin Blue

Tales From The Knife

Release Year: 2003
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  Lucerin Blue

Band Members: Justin Morgan, Nathan Byle, Paul Renick, Ryan Turner

"We have a really odd sound" says drummer Ryan Turner. "we decided to really focus on heavier music about four years ago, just after Nathan joined our band. But old influences keep on creeping back into our music. We are all huge rock and roll fans. All of us like just simple rock. SO our music seems to be taking that twist kinda sounds like power pop, mixed with a dash of metal, and a teaspoon of hardcore. Its all the rage with the over 50 crowd."

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  Lucerin Blue

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