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Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Mary-Kathryn  



One Spirit by Mary-Kathryn

One Spirit

Release Year: 2001
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Stream In The Desert by Mary-Kathryn

Stream In The Desert

Release Year: 1998

Perfect Gift by Mary-Kathryn

Perfect Gift

Release Year: 1994
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Band Members: Mary-Kathryn, Rich Stevens, Bart Elliott, Paul Buono, Tony Marvelli

While contemporary Christian music may not be popular in the indie world, Mary-Kathryn's Dreams & Visions gives devoted indie fans a reason to open their ears. Her album stands apart from other contemporary Christian artists, with songs that infuse diverse melodies and slow, trance-like verses. Thoroughly pleasant, Mary-Kathryn's voice is reminiscent of the sweetly-bitter sound of Vedera and almost similar to a modern-day Amy Grant in terms of peppiness and content.

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