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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Sacramento, CA

Status: Active



Deeper Than Most by Maximillian

Deeper Than Most

Release Year: 1997
Label: N*Soul Records
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Band Members: Maximillian

In 1991, with a group called JC Crew, maximillian shocked many critics by being one of the industries first gospel Hip-Hop artist to go on a major tour. From that project Maximillian began to work with Grammy, and two time Dove nominated T-bone.The two toured across the United States, Europe, and Central America for twelve years! Furthermore, Maximillian has performed with just about every major Christian Contemporary, Urban, R-n-B, and Rock group the industry has to offer. Soon people began to recognize his performing and producing talents and he started working with the legendary Scott Blackwell, (Remixes for Madonna, Debbie Gibson, Taylor Dane and many more) also Grammy award winner Bongo Bob Smith, (Whitney Houston an many major television commercials.) Maximillian produced a Remix for

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