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Michael Priebe
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Michael Priebe

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Carla Archuletta   615.377.9177


  Michael Priebe

Where Would I Be by Michael Priebe

Where Would I Be

Release Year: 2000
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  Michael Priebe

Band Members: Michael Priebe

With a #1 song already under his belt Michael Priebe continues to press on to reach the world through music. His enthusiasm for people, life, his music, and his maker are blindingly apparent. His fiery devotion to his maker burns even brighter than just twelve months ago. Taking a huge step of faith Michael and his wife, Nicelle, made the move from the West Coast to Nashville, Tennessee, and have never looked back. Their big move to the Mid South is what inspired Michael to write the title cut of his soon to be released album, “Stepping Out.”

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  Michael Priebe

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