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Mike Stand
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Mike Stand

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Orange, CA

Status: Hiatus


  Mike Stand

Full Circle by Mike Stand

Full Circle

Release Year: 2002
Label: Galaxy 21 Music
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  Mike Stand

Band Members: Mike Stand

MIKE STAND is not a new comer to the world of Christian rock. He is a seasoned 20 year veteran who continues to serve the Lord with his musical talents. Mike's journey began in 1980 when he made a personal commitment to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. From that moment on Mike was intent on serving the Lord with his music. Soon doors began to open. In 1982 he and his cousin Jeff Crandall formed the Altar Boys. As Altar Boys' chief songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Mike led the band on to produce five hit records, Altar Boys, When You're A Rebel, Gut Level Music (GLM), Against The Grain, Forever Mercy, (in addition to three compilation albums and the recent, The Collection), film countless videos, including the package, Mercy Is What We Cry For and tour the globe. In 1988, while simultaneous

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  Mike Stand

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