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Moxie Bliss
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Moxie Bliss

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: St. Paul, MN

Status: Disbanded


  Moxie Bliss


  Moxie Bliss

Band Members: Dayton, Paulie, Luke

The Moxie Bliss guys are best of friends, in fact one of the reasons we are calling it quits is that we spent way more time hanging out than we did writing music. Dayton is wrapped up being a worship pastor at City Church in south Minneapolis, and Luke and Paulie are in an exciting new band called The Arrest. The Arrest features Seth Doran ..board and lead vox, The Original Mark Edwards on guitar and vox, and Luke and Paulie from Moxie Bliss on bass and drums.

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  Moxie Bliss

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