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Ragamuffin Band
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Ragamuffin Band

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active


  Ragamuffin Band

Prayers Of A Ragamuffin by Ragamuffin Band

Prayers Of A Ragamuffin

Release Year: 1999
Label: Word Records


  Ragamuffin Band

Band Members: Rich Mullins, Rick Elias, Mark Robertson, Aaron Smith, Jimmy Abegg

he Ragamuffin Band is a musical group founded by Rich Mullins in 1993, when he gathered friends from other bands to back him on his "A Liturgy, a Legacy, & a Ragamuffin Band" album. The band continued to record and tour with Mullins, and even carried on after his 1997 death. The group's name is derived from Brennan Manning's 1990 book The Ragamuffin Gospel, which defines ragamuffins as "the burdened, the wobbly and weak-kneed, the inconsistent, unsteady disciples... the smart people who know they are stupid... the honest disciples who admit they are scalawags".

Ragamuffin Band Chord Charts

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  Ragamuffin Band

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