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Rob Frazier
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Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Status: Retired


  Rob Frazier

Jammin' The Blues by Rob Frazier

Jammin' The Blues

Release Year: 1999
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The Things I Say by Rob Frazier

The Things I Say

Release Year: 1997
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  Rob Frazier

Band Members: Rob Frazier

Rob Frazier (born October 31, 1953) is a Christian artist, musician, songwriter, producer, worship leader, speaker, and pastor. Frazier is the son of a pastor. He was raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and studied in King's College, New York City. Over the years, Frazier has collaborated with numerous artists in and outside the CCM scene, including co-writing the 1982 Kansas hit "Play the Game Tonight". In 1979 he was a member of the legendary Christian rock group Petra where he played the keyboards and guitar while trading lead vocal duties with Greg X. Volz in the album Washes Whiter Than. After Petra, Frazier embarked in a prolific solo career releasing several albums in the meantime.

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  Rob Frazier

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