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Sarah Masen
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Sarah Masen

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active


  Sarah Masen

The Dreamlife Of Angels by Sarah Masen

The Dreamlife Of Angels

Release Year: 2001
Label: Word Records

Carry Us Through by Sarah Masen

Carry Us Through

Release Year: 1998
Label: re:think Records
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Sarah Masen by Sarah Masen

Sarah Masen

Release Year: 1996
Label: re:think Records

The Holding by Sarah Masen

The Holding

Label: BEC Recordings


  Sarah Masen

Band Members: Sarah Masen

Sarah Masen is a singer/songwriter originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, but has for several years lived in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, author David Dark and their three children. Initially signed to Charlie Peacock's re:think label, and subsequently to Word, she is now independent. As a songwriter, she's collaborated with Bela Fleck, Julie Lee, and Sam Ashworth.

Sarah Masen Chord Charts

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  Sarah Masen

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