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Stereo Motion
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Stereo Motion

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: High Point, NC

Status: Disbanded


  Stereo Motion

Stereo Motion by Stereo Motion

Stereo Motion

Release Year: 2003
Label: Flicker Records
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  Stereo Motion

Band Members: Bryan Nance, Morgan, Dallas Morgan, Brent Lain

Remember back in 2001, a young Christian boy band (more resembling Hanson than Backstreet Boys) called Phat Chance? You don't? That's okay with the members of Stereo Motion. They are essentially the same band (minus one member): vocalist/guitarist Bryan Nance, bassist Justin Morgan, drummer Dallas Morgan, and guitarist Brent Lain. But their sound has been completely transformed with the new band's self-titled debut. Producer Jason Burkum knows a thing or two about rock 'n' roll, having played with Believable Picnic and produced for Audio Adrenaline and The Swift. He's well matched with Stereo Motion's desire to write classic rock with modern rock verve, following in the footsteps of neo-classic rock bands like The Elms and The Vines. Additionally, this young foursome aims to write songs th

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  Stereo Motion

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