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Still Breathing
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Still Breathing

Genre: Heavy Metal

Location: Tulsa, OK

Status: Disbanded


  Still Breathing

September by Still Breathing


Release Year: 2002
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  Still Breathing

Band Members: Dacey Rame, Michael Rame, John, Bob, Art

Still Breathing is no longer together. The Oklahoma based band came together in November 2000. Band manager Danny Hill took a liking to the group after merely one performance, and by April of 2001, he had them in a Knoxville, Tennessee studio recording a 3-song demo with producer Travis Wyrick. Before they knew it, Still Breathing found themselves playing a two song set for Solid State label reps at that same year's Cornerstone Festival. Though the performance would eventually result in an August agreement with the label, original drummer Jessie Neri left the band shortly after Cornerstone, citing hackneyed though appropriate "creative differences" as his reasoning. Bob's cousin John came aboard as his replacement and in November, Still Breathing hit the studio (again with Wyrick at the co

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  Still Breathing

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