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Strange Occurrence
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Strange Occurrence

Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Seattle, WA

Status: Disbanded


  Strange Occurrence

Another Day To Start Again by Strange Occurrence

Another Day To Start Again

Release Year: 2002
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  Strange Occurrence

Band Members: TJ Harris, Joe Wiles, Eric Vickers, Mikey Middleton

Strange Occurrence's debut, Another Day to Start Again, comes to stores via a new label called Steelroots Records, which, like the recently launched Crowne Music Group, desires to branch outside Christian circles to present relevant sounds and themes to the culture. The label is run by Jimi Ray (former lead singer of Age of Faith) and Ben Cerullo (host of Steel Roots TV) from offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, ensuring that Strange Occurrence's release will be free of Nashville's cookie-cutter clich├ęs.

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  Strange Occurrence

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