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Susan Ashton
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Susan Ashton

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active


  Susan Ashton

Angels Of Mercy by Susan Ashton

Angels Of Mercy

Release Year: 1998
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A Distant Call by Susan Ashton

A Distant Call

Release Year: 1996
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So Far by Susan Ashton

So Far

Release Year: 1995
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Susan Ashton by Susan Ashton

Susan Ashton

Release Year: 1991
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  Susan Ashton

Band Members: Susan Ashton

Susan Rae Hill was born in Irving, TX, on July 17, 1967. The adult contemporary vocalists first single -- recorded using her mothers maiden name of Ashton to avoid confusion with Kim Hill -- gained an audience with CCM radio listeners around America in 1991, and made her album Wakened by the Wind the biggest-selling debut in the history of the Sparrow label. Ashton reached number one in the Christian charts two more times that year, received a Dove award for New Artist of the Year and won a CCM readers and reporters poll for Best New Artist. Her second album, Angels of Mercy (1992), proved her staying potential: it spawned four CCM number one singles and was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Gospel Album category. Ashton won the 1993 CCM readers award for Favorite Inspirational Album

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  Susan Ashton

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