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Terry Scott Taylor
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Terry Scott Taylor

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Status: Active


  Terry Scott Taylor

John Wayne by Terry Scott Taylor

John Wayne

Release Year: 1998
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  Terry Scott Taylor

Band Members: Terry Scott Taylor

Over twenty years ago Taylor and his band Daniel Amos debuted in Orange County at a local church, and early on he and the band recorded several popular gospel/rock/pop/jug band records until, because of his musical hijinks and creative jones for the strange, the obscure, and the musically inaccessible, he and his band fell out of favor with the religious crowd---as well as with his own mother. Despite this setback (which was linked by many to be the work of Lucifer), Daniel Amos (or DA) went on to be among the first alternative groups to perform at the now-defunct and infamous Madame Wongs, and over the past 30 years, in addition to local gigs at almost every major club on the Strip, Taylor has performed in living rooms, clubs, concert halls, and outdoor arenas and festivals, as well as st

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  Terry Scott Taylor

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