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The Wayside
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The Wayside

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Aurora, IL

Status: Active


  The Wayside

Farm by The Wayside


Release Year: 2000
Label: Rhythm House Records
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  The Wayside

Band Members: John J. Thompson, Michelle Thompson, Chris Wicklas, Benjie Hughes, Jeff Elbel, Danny Galaxy

The Wayside is an ever-evolving collection of musicians and friends from just outside Chicago. Having played together in one configuration or another for over fifteen years, this is a band that is over trying to be the ‘next big thing.’ At this point in their journey The Wayside is more than satisfied to bring their original songs, and their interpretations of others’ songs, to bars, churches, colleges, coffeehouses or anywhere else a door opens. They are honored to have been invited to Europe several times. They are a regular installment at the prestigious Cornerstone Festival in Illinois, and are booking acoustic and band dates. The Wayside has several recordings available. They are perpetually working on a new album that should be released in early 2008. Their “critically acclaimed” alb

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  The Wayside

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