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True Vibe
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True Vibe

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Disbanded


  True Vibe

See The Light by True Vibe

See The Light

Release Year: 2002
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True Vibe by True Vibe

True Vibe

Release Year: 2001
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  True Vibe

Band Members: Nathan Gaddis, Jason Barton, Jordan Roe, Jonathan Lippmann

In an era of seemingly disposable pop music, True Vibe takes a more classic approach to its vocal style. A quartet in the truest sense of the word (featuring two tenors, a baritone and bass), True Vibe revels in its ability to deliver not only high-energy pop music, but also heartfelt contemporary ballads and the occasional a cappella tune. Through their music, they seek to show how Gods love has altered them and how it can change the lives of everyone with whom they come in contact. "Based on the records title, See The Light, you might think that we plan to lead others to the light. Thats not the case," Jason says. "Were here to encourage people to live life in a way that ignites a fire within."

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  True Vibe

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