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Addison Hayes
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Addison Hayes

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Austin, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Pete Hayes   512.423.4546


  Addison Hayes

Addison by Addison Hayes


Release Year: 2003
Label: Independent


  Addison Hayes

Band Members: Addison Hayes, Alan Vassberg, Nic Witworth, Eric Dorris

Born in Berkeley California, Addison has been living in Austin for the past 12 years. Addison is a soulful singer, pouring her love and genuine emotions into each song she sings: whether it be sung among friends or a judging body of strangers. With each performance, she seeks to connect with her audience and express how God has been a powerful part of her life. Encouraged by her family, friends and songwriting father, she released her debut CD in the Fall of 2002.

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  Addison Hayes

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