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Filet Of Soul
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Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Athens, GA

Status: Active


  Filet Of Soul

Incommunicado  by Filet Of Soul


Release Year: 1998


  Filet Of Soul

Band Members: Adam Beadles, Greg Beadles, Cornelius Freeman, Randy Chester

Filet of Soul are an American folk-rock band from Athens and Atlanta, GA. The band was formed in 1996 by brothers Adam Beadles and Greg Beadles. Adam is the band’s frontman, with Greg the principal songwriter. Shortly after formation, the band was joined by drummer Cornelius Freeman. Just over a year later, in early 1998, the current lineup was completed with the addition of Randy Chester. Randy’s guitar skills have contributed highly to the sound of the group. To start with, the band built up their reputation by touring the southeast, in venues such as colleges, clubs, festivals and coffeehouses. In November 1998, they released their full-length debut album, called Incommunicado. This brought the band’s work to a larger audience, through a mixture of radio airplay, album sales and press c

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  Filet Of Soul

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