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Shane Everett
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Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Dallas, TX

Status: Changed Name


  Shane Everett

Window To The Inner Court   by Shane Everett

Window To The Inner Court

Release Year: 2001
Label: Independent


  Shane Everett

Band Members: Shane Everett

Everett was born in Dallas, Texas and later moved to Garland, a nearby suburb. Everett also attended Texas A&M University. After playing in a bar band, 4D2, one night Everett experienced what some might say an encounter with God which led him to Central Baptist Church, where he became a Christian. Shortly thereafter, he met Barnard, and became part of a weekly student-led praise and worship service at Texas A&M. The band originally began with Barnard performing solo acts, but Everett increasingly played a major role in his performances. With the release of their 2003 album, entitled Carry Away, the band became officially known as Shane & Shane.

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  Shane Everett

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