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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Changed Name to Sonicflood



Band Members: Mark Lee Townsend, Benjamin Payne, Dan Gartley, Dave Owen

"There’s nothing like playing your own music and letting the public decide whether it’s special to them or not," says Zilch leader and former dcTalk guitarist Mark Lee Townsend. Formed in 1997 as a side project by Mark and other dcTalk band mates, Zilch recorded "Platinum" for Gotee records but did very little touring and ended up on the shelf after a year. I don’t know if Zilch was ever given the chance to be seen as legit because of our pedigree… Now all that is past and I have great faith that folks will judge the music on its quality and not be filed under gimmick. Joining Mark are drummer Benjamin Payne, bassist Dan Gartley, and guitarist Dave Owen. The four complete Zilch’s new lineup. "The original Zilch was never a real band," cites Mark. "We were good players who had radically different tastes that put together a project. We never hung as a band, played together like a band or even suffered like a band. What Zilch is now is what I’ve wanted from the beginning; it just took a little longer than I had expected." So what does Zilch sound like now? "It’s much like before in the sense of blending 60’s beat music, punk and pop, but we stay fresh with the times." Now that the past is the past and Zilch is Zilch, what does the band have to say to the masses? Mark concludes, "Just give us a chance folks…"

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