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Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Austin, TX

Status: Active



Band Members: Nic Gonzales, Josh Gonzales, Robert Acuña, Eliot Torres, Chris Bevins, Billy Greigo, Pablo Gabaldon

Dove Award-winning Salvadors fifth studio album is the most personal and relevant project of their career. Dismiss The Mystery is unmistakably Salvador with rich sounds of horns, seamless vocals and radio-friendly hits. The debut single, Shine, is an upbeat song about being a reflection of God in all that we do. Dismiss The Mystery also paves the way for lyrical content that is more meaningful and gives Salvador fans honest, poignant and insightful lyrics while staying true to their musical and Latino roots. The new albums title comes from the song Neighbor, which touches on race and promoting family values. The launch of Dismiss The Mystery, coupled with Salvadors heavy touring schedule and upcoming fall tour provides the perfect platform for communicating what has always been on Salvadors hearts and minds, but never fully conveyed until now.

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