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1000 Generations
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1000 Generations

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Amanda Potaczek 317.750.5285


  1000 Generations

Band Members: Steven Potaczek, Amanda Potaczek, Alain Picard, Lorin Lemme, Beckey Roudebush

1000 Generations is simply addictive piano-driven rock born from a place of honest worship. Musically sounding familiar to a car smash-up with Coldplay and Billy Joel as passengers, 1000 Generations is passionate for writing honest, unguarded lyrics that cry out to God. Touring as a four-piece, the group is led by the 20-something husband and wife team of Steven and Amanda Potaczek.

Since the release of their debut album in 2003, 1000 Generations has been garnering quite a following. Worship Leader magazine called their debut “the best new worship album of the year,” while songs from their upcoming major label release, Turn Off the Lesser Lights, has already drawn major accolades. Their social justice anthem “How Big Small Can Be” was named the GMA Academy’s “Song of the Year,” and the worship-driven rock gem “Fascinated” cracked the Top 3 of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Touring extensively, 1000 Generations is quickly developing a great reputation performing at colleges, churches, and various events around the country.

Above all, 1000 Generations is intent upon seeing people connect with God—whether followers of Christ who've believed for decades, or pilgrims experiencing worship for the first time. "We're really passionate about people having an experience they can walk away with," concludes Steven. "We believe that if someone has a real experience with God, that it will change their lives, and their kids' lives, and on down the line.” This is the heartbeat of the band’s calling and name: 1000 Generations.

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