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Casting Pearls
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Casting Pearls

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Lincoln, NE

Status: Changed Name to Vota

Booking Contact: Brandon Spinazzola 402.429.2478


  Casting Pearls

Band Members: Bryan Olesen, Case Maranville, Scott Rutz, Riley Friesen

When modern rock trio Casting Pearls formed in Nebraska, it subscribed to a philosophy all its own. Instead of trying to force its way down unnatural avenues and peddle demos to major labels like most bands, the members of Casting Pearls just let it happen naturally. Time allowed Casting Pearls to hone its work ethic, sharpen its musical skills and create some of the most hook-heavy songs to hit the radar as of late. Now, emerging as a seasoned veteran of the music scene, Casting Pearls brings its label debut via Inpop Records on August 16th.

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