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The Regal Line
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The Regal Line

Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Status: Disbanded


  The Regal Line

Band Members: Jason Moody, Barry Cavener, Bobby Cavener

The Regal Line is a drummerless trio hailing from Southern California. Taking the sounds of Country pioneers such as Jimmie Rodgers, combining them with the Sun Records sound of Johnny Cash in the mid 50's, and adding a unique style of their own, The Regal Line strives to bring back a sound not heard since that era. The Regal Line plays Gospel music from a time when Gospel WAS country and it was simple yet powerful. With Jason Moody's baritone Johnny Cash style vocals and rhythm guitar, Barry Cavener's complimentary harmonies and Luther Perkins style flat picking, and Bobby Cavener's Bill Black style slap bass, The Regal Line brings the listener a truly authentic sound reminiscent of days long gone.

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