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Stacie Orrico
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Stacie Orrico

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Seattle, WA

Status: Active


  Stacie Orrico

Band Members: Stacie Orrico

"Stacie Orrico is no ordinary sixteen-year old. Ordinary sixteen-year olds dont rack up gold sales figures with her debut release and no mass media buzz. Stacie did. Her first album, Genuine, bowed at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and has gone on to sell over 500,000 units. Ordinary sixteen-year olds dont possess the brand of dynamic stage presence that can make an impression on Destinys Child. Stacie did, and the Grammy-winning trio handpicked her to share the bill for dates on their tour. And, most strikingly, ordinary sixteen-year olds dont possess both the vocal firepower and songwriting acumen found on the Virgin Records debut from this fresh new talent. Stacie does. And you can hear it in every note, every beat, and every word, of Stacie Orrico, beginning with her breakout lead single "Stuck."

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