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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Tony Johnsen 615.383.8787



Band Members: Michael Tait, Lonnie Chapin, Chad Chapin, Justin York

For starters, let’s just say that what began as an interesting idea a year-and-a-half ago has quickly evolved into one of the most potent and relevant bands on the contemporary scene. Combining hip sensibilities, emotional integrity, social conscience and melodic hooks as big as a house, TAIT came out of the chute intent on using every means at their disposal to find a point of connection with listeners. Beneath the sweat equity that goes with the launching of a new band, for Michael Tait, Lonnie Chapin, Chad Chapin and Justin York, it was always all about “connection” -- connection with God, their fans, their culture and with each other. Determined to take a step beyond their ForeFront debut, Empty, TAIT has created a project with more power, sincerity and maturity with the release of their second project, Lose This Life.

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