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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Northwest, AR

Status: Active



Band Members: Vince Lichlyter, Joshua Dougan, Jason Rooney, Cory Riley

Staring down the horizon of formulaic, corporate-rock musicians is a new kind of modern rock ‘n’ roll band. This band is real. This band’s been around the block a few times. This band scrapes and bleeds and sweats for its vision—a vision that’s been forged and tempered in the gritty fire of real-life trials. This band screams what it believes and believes what it screams. This band from Arkansas could care less about Madison Avenue image-makers and the power they wield with the cash they throw around. And while this band oozes at the chops to fashion the occasional inspiring (even gentle) ballad, it most often rocks with the blistering, razor-sharp intensity of a hungry gang of buzz saws hunting for a fresh forest. This band is Jonah33. (And it’s headed for your neck of the woods.)

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