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Justin Cofield Band
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Justin Cofield Band

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Austin, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Justin Cofield 806.747.2702


  Justin Cofield Band

Band Members: Justin Cofield, Kyle, James, Aaron

Although he accepted Christ at a very young age, Justin began to sense a call to surrender to God at age 18 as a freshman at Texas Tech University. Though the path God had for him was still unclear, he began to learn and grow in Christ like never before. During this time of growth in the word, Justin also began to grow in worship. At age 18, he bought his first guitar and began to teach himself how to play. Growing up, Justin was influenced by all types of music from country to alternative. Some big musical influences that began to form Justin’s sound were REM, Jackopierce, and Dave Mathews. As his college career moved forward, so did his involvement in the college ministry at his church and in the Baptist Student Ministries. At age 20 (his junior year in college) Justin began to lead worship at both of these ministries, as a part of two different worship teams. Being a part of these worship teams was a teaching time that grew Justin, not only in his knowledge of playing and singing, but in the knowledge of lead worshiping. This is a term that was introduced to Justin in 1997 and a concept that is very much the basis for everything he does today. In 1999 Justin began leading worship for Paradigm Bible Study in Lubbock, Tx. This new call teamed Justin up with a group of musicians who had a desire to bring others to the throne. Justin’s greatest desire is to know God and make Him known. One of our greatest tools for sharing Christ is to worship with our life. I pray that people understand that worship is not a song or a feeling, but a way of life that God calls us to. In leading worship for college and youth across Texas, Justin and his band desire to invest in people and to be servants in ministry. Leading worship is an added bonus to being able to invest in a kid who needs some attention, or to renew a student minister who needs to rest at the throne of God.

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