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Mark Williams
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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Status: Hiatus

Booking Contact: Mark Williams


  Mark Williams

Band Members: Mark Williams

Mark began his musical journey in 1995 with the release of his first CD, "a beggar at the door," which proved itself in the local music scene around Chapel Hill, NC-a haven for cutting edge rock/pop. The release of his follow-up "journals of a recovering skeptic" in 1997, though, is more appropriately what launched Mark onto the national stage. The critical praise that "journals" garnered earned Mark a spot in 7ball magazine as one of the Top 25 independent artists in the nation-and he was the only solo artist chosen for the honor that year. CCM Magazine and Prism Magazine also praised Mark's artistic vision, but it was his relative youth at the release of the "journals" project which raised both eyebrows AND future expectations. For the next few years, Mark was underground. He toured tens of thousands of miles without releasing the follow-up to the "journals" project. He continued to hone his craft as a producer and composer. Finally, in November 2001, Mark released his third CD, "becoming the moon." Hopes were high, and Mark delivered. With no major-label support whatsoever, Mark managed to produce his best work to date by far. He ventured into new musical territory, exploring complex themes of personal growth in the context of a more atmospheric sound. "becoming the moon" is a record about change, about life and struggle in an angry world. The songs are earthy and authentic. And they give space to breathe. Since then, Mark has been working through some intense personal loss, but he is now composing his fourth record, with a planned release in Fall 2006. He is also continually employed as a producer, arranger, and audio engineer. And his new songs are ear-opening. Breathe deep.

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