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Yum Yum Children
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Yum Yum Children

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Status: Disbanded


  Yum Yum Children

Used To Would've by Yum Yum Children

Used To Would've

Release Year: 1996
Label: Five Minute Walk Records

Dufisized by Yum Yum Children


Release Year: 1995
Label: Boot To Head Records


  Yum Yum Children

Band Members: Leon Goodenough, Craig Smith, Jennifer Goodenough, Bob Sable, Johnathan Weller

R. Leon Goodenough, the guitarist and songwriter for Clergy, originated the Yum Yum Children as a solo side project. Gradually incorporating members of Flock 14 and Sometimes Sunday by 1993, the Oregon-based group began to play melodic alternative rock with harmonic vocals. The band released Tastythanks and later Dufisized.

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  Yum Yum Children

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