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Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Mechanicsburg, OH

Status: Disbanded



Of Truth and Reconciliation by Staple

Of Truth and Reconciliation

Release Year: 2005

Staple by Staple


Release Year: 2004
Label: Flicker Records
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Band Members: Darin Keim, Israel Beachy, Brian Miller, Grant Beachy

Staple was a Christian rock/metalcore group from Mechanicsburg, Ohio. Staple was founded in 2000 when the members met at Rosedale Bible College in Ohio. They have played close to 300 shows in two years and have toured with Disciple, The Showdown, Kids in the Way, Demon Hunter, Last Tuesday, Dizmas, The 7 Method and Spoken. Their 2005 release, Of Truth and Reconciliation, peaked at #49 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. On Wednesday, May 17, 2006, Staple announced that they would be breaking up at the end of the summer. On May 29, 2006 Staple held a contest for fans to create a last tour t-shirt. The shirt was judged by the Staple band members and all designs were due by June 10th 2006. Winners received 2 free admissions to one of the dates on the "Last Crusade" tour, a free copy

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