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2nd Chapter of Acts
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2nd Chapter of Acts

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Status: Retired


  2nd Chapter of Acts

20: 1972-1992 by 2nd Chapter of Acts

20: 1972-1992

Release Year: 1992

Roar Of Love by 2nd Chapter of Acts

Roar Of Love

Release Year: 1991


  2nd Chapter of Acts

Band Members: Annie Herring, Nelly Greisen, Matthew Ward

After 16 years of touring and over 1000 concerts later The 2nd Chapter of Acts prayerfully retired as a group in 1988, but not before doing a "farewell" tour. In every city, they sang to packed auditoriums and the Spirit of God moved mightily in each concert. As Matthew remembers it, "We finished our final concert in Houston, Texas, and the 7500 people attending rose to their feet and clapped and clapped. Nelly and Annie were crying and I was losing it. I think it had finally dawned on us: This is our last concert. This is it! We werent tired of ministering to people or anything. It was just Gods time for something new." The 2nd Chapter of Acts was one of the very few Jesus-music groups whose music was unique; it did not have a parallel in pop music, but their message and ministry still sp

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  2nd Chapter of Acts

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20: 1972-1992

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