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Kirk Franklin
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Kirk Franklin

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Third Coast Artist Agency   615.297.2021


  Kirk Franklin

Hero by Kirk Franklin


Release Year: 2005
Label: Fo Yo Soul Records

The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin by Kirk Franklin

The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin

Release Year: 2002
Label: Gospo Centric Records

Christmas   by Kirk Franklin


Release Year: 1993
Label: Gospo Centric Records


  Kirk Franklin

Band Members: Kirk Franklin

Known for his unique blend of gospel and hip-hop music, Kirk Franklin has changed what contemporary worship music looks like. Unafraid to tackle any subjects, his content is raw and always on the edge and comes from a heart that is restored and alive in Christ. Winner of 5 Grammys and 11 Dove Awards; since his debut, 1993s Kirk Franklin & the Family, Kirk Franklin has been one of the brightest stars in contemporary gospel music. The album spent 100 weeks on the gospel charts (some of those on top), crossed over to the R&B charts, and became the first gospel debut album to go platinum. His second album, Kirk Franklin & the Family Christmas, became the genres first Christmas album to make it to number one, and his 1996 album Whatcha Lookin 4 went gold as soon as it was distributed. With such

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  Kirk Franklin

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He Reigns - The Medley

The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin

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