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Julie Miller
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Julie Miller

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Austin, TX

Status: Active


  Julie Miller

Buddy & Julie Miller by Julie Miller

Buddy & Julie Miller

Release Year: 2001

Broken Things by Julie Miller

Broken Things

Release Year: 1999

Blue Pony by Julie Miller

Blue Pony

Release Year: 1997


  Julie Miller

Band Members: Julie Miller

Texas-born singer/songwriter Julie Miller grew up in a music-loving household. As a teen in Austin, Miller made her professional debut as a singer and began collaborating with her future husband, guitarist/singer/songwriter Buddy Miller. They settled in Nashville, and shortly after Buddy released his solo debut Your Love & Other Lies on HighTone Records. The album featured singing and songwriting from Julie as well, and one of her songs, "All My Tears," was covered by Emmylou Harris and Jimmy Scott. Harris ended up working with both the Millers, offering Buddy a lead guitarist spot on her 1996 tour, and providing guest vocals on Julies albums, 1997s Blue Pony and 1999s Broken Things. Julie and Buddy Miller also collaborated with likeminded musicians and friends like Victoria Williams, Mark

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  Julie Miller

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